When you sign up for New Dawn Meals on Wheels, you can pick which days you’d like to receive deliveries on.

With our 6-week rotating menu, each day of the week is themed:

  • Mondays: pasta
  • Tuesdays: traditional dishes
  • Wednesdays: something a little different
  • Thursdays Cold Meal: soup and sandwich
  • Thursdays Hot Meal: fish

With lots of variety from day to day, and week to week, there’s something for everyone!

Example Schedule

Let’s say you sign up for Mondays and Wednesdays. On week 1, you’ll get spaghetti on Monday, and shepherd’s pie on Wednesday. On week 2, you’ll get mac ‘n’ cheese on Monday, and meatloaf on Wednesday. And so on. (Refer to the menu links located on this page.)

Set it, and forget it

There’s no need to call us each week to repeat your order. Just sign up, pick your days, and we’ll put you in the schedule.

NOTE: if there is something you don’t like on one of your chosen days, you can EITHER cancel for that day OR we can send you a simple meat-potato-vegetable alternative.

All meals are cardiac-friendly and diabetic-friendly, overseen by a Registered Dietician, and prepared in a licensed kitchen.

How to sign up

For more information or to register yourself, or a loved one, for New Dawn Meals on Wheels, please use this online form:

Online Registration Form

or contact our office at

[email protected]

170 George Street, Sydney NS
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Our menu operates on 6 week cycle.  We also offer an alternate menu, for clients who require meals which are diabetic, renal, warfarin or cardiac friendly.  Please contact our office for more information.

6 Week Menu



Meals on Wheels will be cancelled due to the weather, for the following reasons:

  • If there is a police advisory to stay off the road.
  • If, due to weather, school is cancelled in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education

You can confirm Meals on Wheels cancellations in the following ways:

You can also visit our Facebook page for updates: