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We have put in place a number of new safety procedures so that we can continue to provide this essential community service while protecting our clients, staff, and volunteers.

Meals on Wheels is needed now perhaps more than ever. In the coming weeks and months, it will be critical that those most at risk for severe complications from COVID-19 (the elderly and immuno-compromised) stay home.

Do you, or someone you know, need meals delivered at home at this time? New Dawn Meals on Wheels delivers to residents in Sydney & Area including Sydney River, Westmount, Coxheath, Ashby, Whitney Pier.

Call us at 902-562-1245 to find out how you, or someone you love, can have nutritious meals delivered safely at home.

You can read more about our “No-Contact Delivery Procedure” here:

And about our “Meal Production” policy here:

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Outside Sydney

If you are outside the Sydney area but are in need of Meals on Wheels, you may be able to find a service provider here: